Altschul House

Bridgewater, CT

This project is a full scale renovation with additions to a weekend house built in the early 1950’s. The original house was a simple rectangular volume made from CMU block and wood frame. The structure was well below required code and subsequent renovations had closed off views to the south and east into a lovely wooded ravine. The project was scheduled to be done in three phases.

The first and second phases were completed. Nearly the entire first floor was redone from the ground up. This entailed holding up the existing roof and rebuilding the entire wall and roof support structure below, site modifications to alleviate drainage issues in the lower bedroom suite, replacement of all the windows, new siding, new heating systems, kitchens and baths and the addition of a new bathroom for the master bedroom.

Later phases will include renovation of the existing garage for a new family room, adding a new detached garage and the addition of a second floor bedroom and bath.