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"The Nature Theater of John Hejduk"
Hejduk's Chronotope
Edited by K. Michael Hays
Princeton Architectural Press (1995)

Anyone interested in the intersection of theory and practice in architecture will appreciate the insight offered by Hejduk's Chronotope. With essays by Stan Allen, Peggy Deamer, K. Michael Hays, Catherine Ingraham, Detlef Mertins, Edward Mitchell, and Robert Somol, the volume examines today's tendency towards theoretical production, as exemplified by John Hejduk, known for his ventures outside the realm of the practical.

Hejduk, the Dean of the School of Architecture at The Cooper Union, has created a unique body of theoretical work: publications such as Mask of Medusa; and small-scale constructions such as his compelling "masques," structures that fall between architecture, scenography, sculpture, and poetry. Additionally, Hejduk has several built works to his name-housing in Berlin and a renovation of The Cooper Union-which display the same themes and tectonics as his theoretical creations.

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