Cornell House

Milford, CT

This 2500 square foot house and garage was designed for a couple on a steep sloped woodland site overlooking the Housatonic River. The requirements were that no wood or sheet rock be used in the construction and that the project be built within a year of the design contract. All materials were to be gray, black or white finish and all the systems were to be exposed. The clients insisted on strict symmetry, exposed mechanical systems and a tough, no-frills aesthetic.

These unusual requirements made the house and exercise in rough but careful detailing as every material and connection became part of the overall aesthetic of the house. The house is built of ground face block with an exposed steel deck and concrete floors.

The program is for two bedrooms, a guest suite and two studies. The main living space is open with a steel kitchen island.

The interior is also block walls with concrete panel infill for bathroom partitions. The walls were left exposed and will be used for hanging a collection of African artifacts. During the year of construction the clients had twins, in keeping with the symmetry of the design.