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"All Gone"

Perspecta 34 "Temporary Architecture"
The Yale Architectural Journal

Edited by Noah K. Biklen, Ameet N. Hiremath and Hannah H. Purdy

MIT Press (2003)

Perspecta 34 explores the temporary relationship between architecture and the larger contexts within which social crisis and cultural transformation take place. The issue examines many questions associated with modernism, including the limits of utopian urban planning, and considers alternatives to space as the dominant organizing concept for architecture. It views the contemporary as a fluid practice in which games, intuition, collective imagination, and style emerge alongside conventional architectural approaches as ways to comprehend and shape the temporary landscape. Case studies--on the Olympics, Belgrade protests, refugee housing--ask how temporary events intensify the possibilities and limitations for architectural innovation. All Gone looks at the tragedy of the 1972 Munich Olympics and its significance in the history of urbanism.

To purchase: https://mitpress.mit.edu/books/perspecta-34-temporary-architecture