Pre-Fabricated Steel House

New Milford, CT

A private client interested requested a 2500 square foot house entirely built from prefabricated metal components on a tight budget. On the client’s request, all systems were exposed and no wood or woodproducts would be used. The color scheme was limited to black, white, silver and gray.

Preliminary studies looked at a number of building systems, including 8’ x 20’ and 8’ x 40’ containers, and pre-fab steel building systems.

The final design proved to be most adaptable to the client’s needs and budgets. The 30’ steel frame is clad with an upgraded insulated steel panel system that is clipped to the base structure. All mechanical systems are exposed and the fixed, seven foot central core made from CMU block houses all the mechanical core at the ground level and provides two working lofts connected by a steel catwalk. interior translucent partitions slide across tracks to keep the plan open during the day.