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Young Architects: Scale

Edited by Beth Harrison
Princeton Architectural Press (2000)

Every spring for the last 18 years, the Architectural League of New York has invited young architects from around the world to submit their portfolios to be selected as the best of a new generation of talent. The Young Architects program has identified many of the best-known names in architecture today, including Steven Holl, Neil Denari, Billie Tsien, and Carlos Jimenez. This year's honorees are six young practices whose projects range in scale from an intimate theater to a floating football stadium.. The firms are: Douglas Pancoast, Vrinda Khanna and Robert Schultz, Sunil Bald and Yolande Daniels, Edward Mitchell, Omar Khan and Laura Garófalo, and Shih-Fu Peng and Róisín Heneghan.

This colorful title, the first to come out of the Young Architects program, includes photographs of built work, computer renderings, drawings, diagrams, and text, all in an inspiring mix of fresh ideas and creative vision. An introductory essay by Nina Rappaport provides an overview of current state of architectural practice.

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